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Data backup

Backup, backup !!

Putting files from your computer on to a backup drive, isn't a backup unless they have been copied; else if the backup drive dies, so do your files.
Make sure you have at least 1 extra copy of important files, even better to have the backup copy offsite in case of a fire. If you can encrypt / password protect files where possible.

Online File Backup

You can back up your files online to Google drive, Microsoft Onedrive (Online storage will be charged above set amount of used storage ~ 15GB).
Bon IT uses 'NextCloud' our own private cloud file backup, Contact us if you would like your own private cloud backup.

PC & Server Backups

Use our Disk Imaging service to make a complete encrypted system drive backup. You can keep it safe offsite, or we can keep it on our data storage system (with your permission).