Terms and conditions of use

Terms & Conditions

  • Definitions In these terms and conditions:

• “the Company” means Bon I.T,

• “the Client” means the person or company subject to these Terms and Conditions commissioning a service by the Company.

• “the Equipment” means any computer hardware or software supplied to the Company by the Client.

• “the Client Data” means any information or data supplied with or stored in equipment supplied to the Company by the Client.

• “the Contract” means the maintenance cover level presented to the Client by the Company.

• “the Agreement” means these terms and conditions as applied to the Contract upon its formation.

• The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without consent.


Maintenance Agreement (Basic)

• The minimum term of the Contract is 6 months. It is assumed after the initial period it will continue on a rolling annual basis unless terminated in writing by either party with a minimum of 7 working days notice. Payments to be made a term in advance.

• All supported equipment is subject to the successful completion of a health diagnosis.

If the equipment fails diagnosis, this will be stated in writing by the Company to the Client together with an estimate for the cost of bringing the equipment successfully through the diagnosis. Non acceptance of such an estimate terminates the contract with immediate effect.

• Cover: Includes labour and callout charges, parts where applicable.

• Hardware: To be replaced with the same or equivalent part, subject to availability.

• Network: Router, hub, switch - Excludes (Charges Apply) - Cabling, ports, cabinet, patch panel.

• Software: Support on a “Best Effort” basis only. Only recognised software products to be installed. Excludes (Labour Rates Apply): Virus infection (out of date definitions or program), Spy ware, Worm, other malicious software components, Internet file sharing, unapproved/other third party software.

• Printers: Excludes: Unapproved use of labels / media, incorrect consumables, consumable items.

• Fault / Call out response time: various types available (Depending on notification time - Before 2.30pm, engineer availability and also subject to parts where applicable).


Media and Data Recovery / Integrity

• The Company will use all its resources available to recover the Client's data from the Equipment. However, given the difficulty of data recovery in general, no guarantee is given whatsoever:

• i. As to the ability of the Company to recover all or any of the Client's data.

• ii. Any data recovered by the Company may be complete, uncorrupted and/or reasonably usable and/or of use to the Client.

• Any data recovered will be returned to the Client within the Equipment, unless specified otherwise by the Client or if the Company deems otherwise.

• An additional cost will therefore be made to the Client to provide further materials for this purpose.

• The Company may make a charge if appropriate for any labour involved in the restoration of such data if so required by the Client.

• It is the Client’s sole responsibility for all data back ups, Integrity, storage, a valid backup off site , check backup report/log files - unless agreed in writing.


Delivery and Returns

• The Company will use all reasonable efforts to complete the agreed service and notify the Client of its readiness within 2 working days upon receipt of the Equipment, depending on the terms of the Contract.

• The Company will arrange for delivery to the client of the Equipment at the cost of the Client.

• If the Client does not request return of the Equipment within 31 working days after notification that it is ready for collection, the Company may dispose of the Equipment at it's own discretion.

• Item/s purchased from the Company can be delivered upon request. Delivery charges apply (whether physical or virtual).

• The company will not be responsible for loss, late deliveries of goods in transit. 

• Where an item is found as being faulty, when under warranty (statutory or manufacturers) the Company will endeavour to offer a suitable replacement, or a credit note to the same value, after its testing agrees the fault condition.

• Non-faulty goods returned will incur a 15% re-stocking fee, and testing fee of £15.

• Goods must be returned at the Client’s expense in an undamaged, "as new", with all original packaging, accessories, software and proof of purchase.

• If the goods have been damaged by user error or misuse - the warranty is void and no exchange or credit note is available. Opened,Used,Site Licensed Software are non refundable.

• Full refunds to be at the discretion of the Company.

• The Client shall inspect all goods immediately they are delivered. The company reserves the right to reject claims for incorrect delivery 24 hours after delivery.


Ink / Toner

• Opened or Used item/s are non refundable, unless proven faulty.

• Unopened item/s are subject to the returns policy.

• Compatible items are used at the clients’ sole responsibility & the company is not responsible for any subsequent problems/damage arising from the item/s used, and may affect your peripheral's warranty



• In spite of any other clause in the Agreement, the Company will not be liable to the Client for any indirect, consequential or economic loss, including loss of business profits or expected savings. Save as aforesaid, the Company's liabilities to the Client shall be construed in accordance with English Law.



• Combinations of software and/or hardware products may be unsupported and therefore the company shall not be held liable in any form. This includes illegal software/unlicensed products, third party software and hardware products

• Wireless networks are on a best effort basis, as factors can inhibit performance and reliability.

• Broadband / Email provision by other third party service/s (BT, Aol, etc)

• Any software or hardware that an engineer or agent does not have any working knowledge of

may only commence on a best effort basis, at the clients sole responsibility.


• Any provisional estimate provided to the Client by the Company is based on the information provided by the Client and an initial inspection. This estimate is subject to change after a diagnosis of the Equipment. The Client will be informed by the Company of any such change and work will not be carried out until confirmation of acceptance of the revised estimate has been made. If there is no change to the provisional estimate, the Company will inform the Client and proceed to carry on with the service as authorised by the Client. If the Client does not accept the provisional estimate, there will be no charge incurred.

• In certain circumstances a revised estimate may itself require revision once the service has started, including:

• i. Unexpected problems arising when proceeding with the service.

• ii. The amount of work the Company expects to undertake.

• iii. The Client having provided the Company with correct information.

• In any such circumstances the Client will be notified of any revised estimates, and is under no obligation to authorise further work. A charge for any diagnosis up until this point will be made to the Client.

• Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

• i. Any estimate given by the Company will cover only the work specified within. Any additional work to be carried out by the Company on request of the Client will carry further charges.

• ii. If the agreement is cancelled by the Client at any time, other than by the occasion of the Company issuing a revised estimate, the Client will be liable to pay on demand by the Company, for the actual work carried out up to the time of cancellation.

• iii. If at any time no fault is found with or in the Equipment, the Company will be entitled to charge the Client an amount equal to the cancellation charge.

• iv. If at any stage the Company determines that it cannot perform the required service on the Client's Equipment for any reason it will notify the Client of this and not make any further charge to the diagnosis fee.

• Prices may vary without notice with immediate effect.


Payment & Title

• The Company requires payment of all services including the purchase of any materials prior to the Equipment being returned, unless credit terms have been agreed in advance.

Solutions provision may require part or full payment before the service can commence.

• Goods remain the property of the Company until all due funds have been cleared.

• The Client agrees that the company or its representatives may enter the Client’s premises at any reasonable time in order to recover goods originally supplied by the company for which payment is outstanding beyond any previous written agreed credit term.

• An order for systems can only be placed on receipt of a deposit of 50% of the full balance,

   unless agreed in writing.

• Payments to be made in full within the time period agreed at creation of the Client's credit account, else full payment to be made within the terms on the invoice.

• The payment methods accepted are as follows:

• i. Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque.

• A final demand letter shall be issued to the client, for any overdue payments, with 7 working days notice, after the payment period term expires. Action will then be taken to reclaim outstanding monies by the company or its representatives.

• Overdue accounts incur a small charge to cover the company’s expenses for Statements over

the Client’s credit term.



• Any complaint must be received by the Company in writing within 10 working days of the service being completed. Failure to do this means the Company has performed all obligations.


Hardware & Software order cancellations

• Upon receipt of written cancellation by the client, The Company reserves the right to make a cancellation charge. The cancellation charge will be levied by the company according to the number of working days notice given to company between the order confirmation and the delivery date. Site/Corporate licensed software is non-refundable.

Notice period                      Fee

11 – Days or more             55%

6 – 10 days                          75%

5 days or less                      100%


Force Majeure

Including (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) fire, flood, storms, plant breakdown, strikes, lock outs, riot, hostilities, non-availability of material, services or supplies or any other event outside the control of the Company.



• It is the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure that hardware, software and any equipment is covered by insurance for any loss or damage. The Company accepts no responsibility in this regard.

• The Company is not responsible for goods returned that are lost or damaged in transit by a third party.

• The Company reserves the right to cancel, suspend or vary the operation of the Agreement if events occur which are in the force majeure. The Company shall not be held liable for any breach of contract resulting from such an event.

• The Client is responsible for updating the Company of any name or address changes. A fee will be incurred if the Company has to obtain new name / address details of the Client.

• The Company is not liable for any copyright infringements on images provided by the Client, it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure royalties are paid, and have correct permission/s.


Broadband Packages

• Broadband packages are paid 1 month in advance.

• Activation, cancellation, migration charges apply.

• Cancellation requires 1 month's written notice in advance from your billing date.

• Limited quota products: Require an over usage top up charge, if over the quota limit; else are

rate limited for 1GB, followed by a block until new billing period start.


Websites / Hosting

• Prices are the basic website design and content as per the package.

• Artwork provided to the Company must be given with consent/permission from the relevant owner/supplier/copyrighted to, unless the artwork is designed by the client, or by the Company.

• The Company is not liable for any outage from 3rd party hosting providers.

• SSL Certificates are non refundable once ordered.